Diwali 2014

Aarya’s first Diwali was a great celebration of lights and fun – we also celebrated my graduation and my wife’s promotion. It wasn’t without drama (I spilled the fluid from one of the chafing dish warmers and it started a fire on the dining table!)


It was a get together long over due, and Aarya, though only awake for an hour of it, got to watch us feast on an epically amazing cake designed for him (sorry little guy!) Made by Amazing Cakes.


DiwaliPuja3_web DiwaliPuja4_web DiwaliPuja5_web DiwaliPuja2_web



The house was rearranged so that we could squeeze everyone in,

Diwalipartyus2DiwalipartyfamilypicDiwaliparty3_web Diwaliparty4_web


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