Week 2 of Paternity Leave

Well, we got sick. He got his pneumococcal and hep shot on Friday, 1/23/15, and that weekend, his immune system gave in and he got a cold AND an ear infection. I subsequently fell ill on Monday morning, just a day before the “great blizzard of 2015”, which eventually amounted to 6-8 inches of dry snow. The positive note was that we got to extend the stay of family members because flights were cancelled – most notably his grand father (below):


let’s hope that forehand turns into a tennis scholarship to Princeton!

This week was pretty much a bust though, with both of us being sick. aaryaweek2-5

He was a sport though, and toughed through Daddy snapping pictures of him playing around with Geoffrey the Giraffe and my camera equipment…

Not guilty!
Not guilty!
That smile!
That smile!

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