About week 6

I’m more than half way through and dreading the days before I head back to work. She has grown so much since I’ve been home, and cataloging the days and pictures makes me sad because I’ll be missing her growth when behind the desk.

We spent the weekend organizing and sorting toys, so she helped of course, while her fearless super hero brother sorted out the giveaway pile.

I’m on the fence on giving kids money for chores and upkeep of their own things. Allowances are equally dubious in my book-money management comes from earning it, not doing things around the house you should be doing anyhow. Unsure, but the oldest gets it and is very good about helping with cleaning and organizing after some coaxing.

Football season is in full swing and the kids are patient with me watching Saturday Michigan games and Sunday NFL Live (since bronocs have not given me a reason in years to pay Direct TV).

This also means hair is growing longer and we are getting creative with the new found experience of putting bows in everything….

I write about week 6 almost in the middle of week 7. And I get sad about the countdown…as a Dad, I probably won’t ever feel what a Mom feels, but I can understand emotionally the tug that mother’s feel when they go back. It ain’t easy…

Weeks 4 and 5 are gone

And I can’t believe I’m almost at the mid point for my leave….

Diwali came and left quickly. We had a small gathering for her with just close family and friends, and she was of course the star!

Food was perfect, and we enjoyed it the week after too since Chand Palace always gives so much. She’s started solids now and really doesn’t shy away from anything…above she is having Mac and cheese, but she has had Indian chickpeas with rice, home made pizza, etc. We’ve been more aware of food with her in terms of GMO/Organoc vs not. Labels are better now than when the oldest was pioneering his diet with us (this is what I tell myself!)

Blessed as always that my grandmother was able to come, and to see her spend time with both of them is always touching and timeless,

We had our first parent teacher conference the following week, and also had our first “teacher conference week”, which meant we had to entertain him for 4 straight days. Not easy when the temps were dropping g outside, but we got semi creative taking him to Manhattan (while I picked up from Diwali present), and after realizing we needed tickets to a slime exhibit, drove across to Queens to enjoy the Art of Brick exhibit at the Annals of Science,

We left the little on behind since she was fussy and tired from teething, and got to spend some old school 2:1 time with him. Watching his nasent skills blossom is so fun…he’s so method and rule driven. But also likes to have goofy fun, it’s such a tug of war with him (internally).

I enjoyed shooting the exhibit too, Leica and natural lighting always lend to above shots that pop out at you. My manual focusing can improve both in speed and focus but I like starting over in my 40s…

Week 3: Diwali Prep

This was a quick week, we managed to relax for a day in NYC and reset our parental clock. Was exciting to see the Vessel from up top..

She has been out of sorts the past few days, with a small cold and just mildly fussy. But she always smiles and tries to be happy. It’s funny how kids are just programmed from the outset.

She is watching her brother hit some tennis balls against the garage with my Dad who is here for her first Diwali in the above pic. We spent the past two days cleaning and prepping, hoping for a healthy new year for these two. Never a moment I don’t thank the universe for giving me them to us…

Week 1 and 2 of Paternity leave

My time with my second little one finally arrived, after a long and winding year at work.

She’s not a colicky baby, and took to sleep training well using a Snoo (highly recommended). My job was transitioning her out of her Snoo and into her crib full time (she was doing nights already thanks to Mommy’s hardwork!)

True to form (both above pics were taken the first few days at home), she adjusted well to the crib and by week 2 it was easy sailing.

I’m deeply disappointed that more Dads don’t take paternity leaves, and that more companies don’t give them. I have 9 weeks planned and hope to do weekly updates since I finally have time back…these days have flown by, here are a few precious moments that are too ephemeral…

Summer Saturday’s

Between Memorial Day and Independence day, we didn’t get a moment’s rest and went on two road trips with the kids.

We just returned from a “only us” get away and were rejuvenated but found ourselves missing them and lamenting (not always relishing) the silence.

This was our first Saturday of just lounging around, and it was epic. She is growing so fast and he has become a model big brother. I wish I actually had a hand in it…

These days will pass so quickly…can’t wait for my daily posts when I’m finally on paternity leave.

Summer birthday fun

Our oldest has made it to 5 and we survived. He’s got an awesome sense of humor, loves to dance, is emotionally intelligent and witty but still isn’t sleep trained. I guess you can’t win them all!

It’s amazing to see him develop a personality and it almost makes me pause to see what we did so we can replicate some of the good stuff with her…

But I snap out of the reality where a parent can actually impact and guide these strong personalities…. 😜

Father’s day fun

Father’s day weekend was full of fun and surprises, with a ton of cakes and too many roadtrips!

The Friday before Aarya graduated from pre K.

It was an emotional day for me to see him wrap up a chapter at his Montessori School, but I’m happy to not pay a monthly tuition fee! He is reading well, doing addition, struggling a little with subtraction and is generally a well mannered boy. I’m so proud of what he’s become! To have my grandmother there to see the ceremony was a priceless, once-in-life-time moment…she has seen all of my graduations and now his!