Week 1 of Paternity Leave

Mommy went back to work, so Daddy’s at home for the next 2 months – I finally decided to cave and buy a tripod so that we can capture our daily banalities, sometimes starting at 3:45am, but on a good day, 4:30am. Yes, he’s getting 8 hours of sleep now, but that clock starts clicking at 8pm (sigh….)

I’m clearly more excited about his toys than he is…beatthedogup2_web beatthedogup_web

Morning espresso is so important to me…I apparently disturbed him while he was chewing on Geofferey the Giraffe.dadgivemeyourespresso_web

Nevertheless, he agrees to taking a sip because clearly staying awake is the problem for him,dadgivemeyourespresso2_web

And we settle on him eating pear instead of drinking my espresso.dadgivemeyourespresso3_web

He’s clearly content being left in “his” king size bed!Dadleavemealone_web Dadleavemealone2_webDadleavemealone3_web

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