About week 6

I’m more than half way through and dreading the days before I head back to work. She has grown so much since I’ve been home, and cataloging the days and pictures makes me sad because I’ll be missing her growth when behind the desk.

We spent the weekend organizing and sorting toys, so she helped of course, while her fearless super hero brother sorted out the giveaway pile.

I’m on the fence on giving kids money for chores and upkeep of their own things. Allowances are equally dubious in my book-money management comes from earning it, not doing things around the house you should be doing anyhow. Unsure, but the oldest gets it and is very good about helping with cleaning and organizing after some coaxing.

Football season is in full swing and the kids are patient with me watching Saturday Michigan games and Sunday NFL Live (since bronocs have not given me a reason in years to pay Direct TV).

This also means hair is growing longer and we are getting creative with the new found experience of putting bows in everything….

I write about week 6 almost in the middle of week 7. And I get sad about the countdown…as a Dad, I probably won’t ever feel what a Mom feels, but I can understand emotionally the tug that mother’s feel when they go back. It ain’t easy…

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