Weeks 4 and 5 are gone

And I can’t believe I’m almost at the mid point for my leave….

Diwali came and left quickly. We had a small gathering for her with just close family and friends, and she was of course the star!

Food was perfect, and we enjoyed it the week after too since Chand Palace always gives so much. She’s started solids now and really doesn’t shy away from anything…above she is having Mac and cheese, but she has had Indian chickpeas with rice, home made pizza, etc. We’ve been more aware of food with her in terms of GMO/Organoc vs not. Labels are better now than when the oldest was pioneering his diet with us (this is what I tell myself!)

Blessed as always that my grandmother was able to come, and to see her spend time with both of them is always touching and timeless,

We had our first parent teacher conference the following week, and also had our first “teacher conference week”, which meant we had to entertain him for 4 straight days. Not easy when the temps were dropping g outside, but we got semi creative taking him to Manhattan (while I picked up from Diwali present), and after realizing we needed tickets to a slime exhibit, drove across to Queens to enjoy the Art of Brick exhibit at the Annals of Science,

We left the little on behind since she was fussy and tired from teething, and got to spend some old school 2:1 time with him. Watching his nasent skills blossom is so fun…he’s so method and rule driven. But also likes to have goofy fun, it’s such a tug of war with him (internally).

I enjoyed shooting the exhibit too, Leica and natural lighting always lend to above shots that pop out at you. My manual focusing can improve both in speed and focus but I like starting over in my 40s…

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