The Great Bottle Debate

If you’re like most Dad’s, you’re handling the back end of the deal (cleaning, grocery shopping, bottle making, diaper changing), while your wife is handling the bulky task of keeping your child…alive!

We supplement breast milk and landed on a bottle journey that’s been interesting. We saw others in our family use Dr Brown’s, and that was probably all the research we did since they’ve created a strong space in the anti-colic field with their gadgetry – there are 4 parts to this thing not including the bottle!

I’m definitely of the camp – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, so why explore other options? Well, as our son started to wean off of breast milk and transition to be bottle fed, the number of bottles being washed, cleaned, dried, and refilled overnight was a bit much (10 bottles x  4 pieces, ack!)

We tried Phillips Avent – and that worked for not even 30 seconds. I’m lucky that my son is highly self-aware and quick to dismiss things that he won’t entertain for a second. I’m like that.

Then we tried Lansinoh – they make creams for nursing, and we received a free bottle from either Baby’s R’Us or a Pediatric Group’s interview session (more on doing that later)

I was quite impressed with the simplicity – 3 parts, the bottle, the ring, and the large nipple. Cleaning was a breeze, and the fact that it didn’t introduce air while he was aggressively downing his milk made it even better.

Price wise they are all about the same – Amazon had the Lanisoh’s on sale for $18 for a pack of three, which is about $5 cheaper than a Dr Brown trio. Ultimately, you’ll have to see what your little one can handle before you commit.