Spring 2023

Happy birthday!

The start of spring break is a great marker for inspiration to post and muse about the dark and cold winter.

After returning from India, we got to celebrate Sam’s birthday, which usually is the book end to winter. Ironically after she came back, it started a week or two long fury of snow and freezing temps. Winter got condensed into two weeks in the month of March.

The weather weakened and we got outside-twking Aarya to his first NBA game ever (vs Nets!), and making sure Krisha remembered how to bike (she’s remarkable).

The bigger shifts happened to me, leaving a large life science company I’d been at for nearly 10 years to join a small biotech with a mid tech footprint.

New brand!

The new team is amazing, and I miss my old team dearly. Sam helped a little in my going away party-in a truly Sam way,

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