Pumpkin Patch Fun!

My blog is getting encumbered with more advice, and less fun. We have tons of fun with this little booger, and decided to take him out with family on a pumpkin patch bonanza – filled with ghosts, spiders, pumpkins, apple cider, and pretty much anything he wouldn’t get at 10.5 weeks of age!

We got some awesome family shots thanks to my brother in law, so this post only serves to show off our little guy looking cute and sleepy,

ND4_4030_processed_retouched_web ND4_3981_processed_retouched_web

Mom and baby got some photo love from me as well,

ND4_3966_processed_retouched_webND4_4075_processed_retouched_web ND4_3960_processed_samstint_web

And that left this little guy done for the afternoon…(3 hours later mind you, not bad!)


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