Welcome to my blog!

As a newly anointed Dad, and a confused one at best, I realized quickly that turning to the web as a man for advice on how to grapple with all of these questions and changes was futile at best.

Where were all the Dad blogs?

The directions/advice for Dad’s on how to handle a mom that’s 8 month’s pregnant? A newborn that has gas? The right type of “stuff” that you need in your hospital bag? And what to expect when you’re wife is in the operating room, giving birth to your child?

I’m experiencing the ups and downs of fatherhood hourly now, and wanted to share the experience with other Dads – at the minimum, my family from around the world can peek in here and see some fun pictures of the new addition.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Just found your blog.I have a 4 months until reality hits, but I haven’t found any blogs on fatherhood. Looking forward to reading yours.

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